2 Years with Teags

Today, my daughter, Teags, turns 2 years old. As I reflect on these past two years, I find new meaning in the saying, “Long are the days, but short are the years.” It seems somewhat unreal that SupaLupaWife and I were at the hospital on this day in 2014, welcoming our precious little girl into the world. Maybe “little” isn’t the right word though, given that she weighed 10.5 pounds.

Over the past two years, we have witnessed Teags grow into a beautiful little girl. Gone is the baby that once was, replaced by an intelligent, vibrant little girl. And if I’m honest, it’s amazing to see not only how she is changing, but how SupaLupaWife and I have changed along the way as well. In my wife, is still the beautifully amazing TeamEffort camp counselor that I fell in love with, but now there is the heart of a mother that would do anything for her children. In myself, the changes I witness are the life lessons that I have learned. The greatest of these I believe over the past two years has been simply to take in the moment and enjoy everything about it (I must admit that I don’t always live into this). I have come to realize just how precious these times are with Teags and Ani. I pray that over the next however many years, that just as Teags continues to grow and change, so will her mother and I to be the best parents we can be.

For the rest of this post though, I really want to talk just to Teags:

As you grow Boogs, never stop saying “Thank you.” You are already one of the most generous and polite people I know, so never stop saying “Thank you.” I love your imagination, your ability to play princess almost non-stop, and your eagerness to cuddle up and watch a good episode of the Octonauts. More than anything, I hope you will continue to live into the faith I already seen blossoming deep within you. Your excitement to read about David & Goliath, Joseph & his coat of many colors, etc. At two years old, you can already say your entire bedtime prayers…don’t ever stop doing this…always take time to talk to God. Never stop picking yourself up and dusting yourself off when you fall. In you, I see one of the toughest people I know, but I want you to hear me say that sometimes it’s okay to just cry. Your momma and I will always be there to give you a shoulder to rest on and a kleenex to wipe your eyes and nose. You’re beautiful, never stop believing that.

In you, I see hope for the future, a story yet to be told, but one that I believe to be amazing. Even though you are a little girl now and short are the years to come, you will always be my baby girl. I love you Boogs!

Today’s Festivities:

Waking up to her new bicycle.

Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast.

Dinner at McDonald’s & the play place.

SAS Cupcakes.

Opening presents.

Reading new books by the fire.

Hugs with Mommy!!!


One thought on “2 Years with Teags

  1. singdailyblog says:

    Chris, Libby, Birthday Princess Teaghyn and Anistyn-
    Thanks so very much for sharing this tender and beautiful story. I remember so well the joy of holding this sweet girl when she was only a few weeks old!
    Hopefully our Lord will allow our paths to cross again soon!
    The offer of babysitting is still available 🙂 ! Love to all of you!
    Donna Taylor


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