Life with 2 little girls

Its hard to believe, but we’re quickly approaching the two month birthday of our second daughter, Anistyn. I’ve taken the past several weeks now to contemplate and adjust to being a Daddy of “girls.” I find myself still in that “it’s all so surreal” stage. It’s led to a lot of personal reflection.

I was recently sharing with my friend Dan about just how much my life has changed in five  years. For example, five years ago today (which I guess is technically impossible since this is a Leap Year) I was single, living in a church parsonage, and living in rural Appalachia. Since, Libby and I got married (we celebrate 5 years in October), we had our first baby (a fur baby named Maui), we answered God’s call to move to Charlotte, and then we started having children – first Teaghyn and now Anistyn. It’s unbelievable how fast life can change.

As I ponder these MAJOR milestones in terms of life events, I can’t even begin to fathom where the next five years will take us. A few assumptions I’m willing to make: I’m sure that five years from now I will be much better at braiding hair,  I will have attended countless tea parties, and I’ll be much better at playing with dolls.

As I think about all these things though, a few things come to mind. With each day, I am reminded more and more that I now answer to the title Daddy. My prayer is that I will be able to be a GREAT Daddy. I think back to my childhood and I see how much my Mom and Grandpa were willing to sacrifice for me. That is what I have come to understand as a parent, this sense of sacrifice. Any of you reading this that are parents get it, that impossible “ultimate love” sensation you have for your children. I would do anything for my two little girls and that is probably the greatest change that has occurred in the past five years. Long gone are the days of simply thinking about myself and even the days of just thinking about myself and Libby. Every single day, I find myself and Libby giving more and more to our little girls…putting their needs first all the time.

In this season of Lent, things are truly put into perspective as I am reminded of the sacrifice which God made. Being a single parent with an only child, I can’t imagine the emotions of sacrificing one’s only child. Thanks be to God, though, that Christ did come and offer us grace and compassion. I pray that in the years to come, I can love my daughters as Christ first loved me!


2 thoughts on “Life with 2 little girls

  1. ryterrytes says:

    I am reminded of a popular actress who said she never fathomed the depth of her love and sense of duty till she had kids. Her two year old: ‘I’m hungry…’ She: ‘Here, have my bagel.’ Its ALL about the bagels, my friend. Enjoy the ride!


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